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Founded in 1998 by Ray Roberts, Workforce Marine’s services have now expanded to include Boat Brokerage, New Build Projects, Sailing Education, Self-Drive Boat Hire and Racing Yacht Charter.

Apart from being a successful business owner, Ray Roberts is a racing yachtsman of long standing; he has contested 22 Sydney Hobarts and represented Australia at the Admiral’s and Kenwood Cups and other international events.  He is a three-time Australian IRC Champion and crowned three times as the Top Asian Sailor. He and his team have dominated nearly every Australian and Asian Ocean Yacht Racing Event Race including the Brisbane to Gladstone, Sydney to Southport, Hamilton Island Race Week, Raj Muda Regatta (winning twice), Kou Samui Regatta, Phuket King’s Cup Regatta (winning three times), China Coast Race Week (winning three times) and Royal Langkawi International Regatta (winning seven times).

Workforce Marine has many Racing Yachts available for charter Australia wide, in South East Asia and the West Coast of USA. Various levels of race readiness are available, we can supply one or more professional sailors, Category One safety equipment, new or used sails and have boats delivered to nearby regattas for you.

The expansion into Boat Hire and Sail Training is an extension of Ray Roberts beliefs that the certification in boating is becoming more and more a necessity. Clubs and charter companies all over the world are looking for Skippers and Crew that have been trained and qualified. Hire boats to consist of small self-drive Arvor cruisers to fully crewed luxury power cruisers on Sydney Harbour.

The Workforce Marine Brokerage represents both new power and sail vessels. The Brokerage has a strong listing of all used craft. Brokers are experienced and able to find you the best boats for your needs and budget in Australia, Asia, the USA and Europe.

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Meet our team.


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