Farr 55 Hollywood Blv

Racing Charter

The Farr 55 HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD the former Living Doll, having performed to second overall in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (2011), also Winner of the Brisbane to Gladstone Race 2016 with CYCA Team. Continually upgraded and maintained.

Price and Location

Available on request contact:
Joe Goddard: 0447 645 321
International: +614 4764 5321



This boat can be chartered anywhere in Tasmania, Victoria NSW and Queensland.

Call Joe: +614 4764 5321 for more information.


The Farr 55 HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD the former Living Doll, having performed to second overall in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (2011). Winner Brisbane to Gladestone Race 2016 with CYCA Team. Continually upgraded and maintained.

With a large presence of TP52’s optimized for competing in many IRC fleets, the goal was to design a boat that could race in the same class; faster with a relatively better handicap. The 55 foot length of Hollywood Boulevard produces the desired performance leap and moderate increases in displacement, draft and sail area limit the increase in handicap. The hull was developed using the knowledge gained from our recent extensive CFD research on Volvo 70s and GP42s.

A unique feature with a large impact on the hull design is the twin rudder steering arrangement. The twin rudders generate much less stern up force allowing the bow to be finer forward for less drag in waves and chop. Because the stern lifts less at high speeds the effective sailing length can be maximized over more of the speed range without incurring handling problems in extreme conditions. Ease of handling in reaching and running conditions was a prime driver in our design process as we worked to ensure that this boat can be just as dynamic as the smaller and marginally lighter TP52’s that it will compete against.

The structure of the yacht utilizes state of the art carbon epoxy sandwich construction throughout employing variable core thickness, type and density for an optimized and integrated relationship between shell and internal structure.   With recognition of the particular demands of offshore racing, the primary slamming areas are cored with a tough foam type with Nomex honeycomb used throughout the remaining hull, deck and internal structural elements. Built by Cookson Boats.

The deck geometry consists of a flush deck and moderately aggressive deck camber provide for 6 foot headroom across the main saloon area and all of the forepeak area without any cabin. The result of the slightly higher sheer, is a more upright hull topsides while still placing the crew well outboard for stability. The plain deck allows the halyard and other pit functions to be done in simple direct leads.

The interior arrangement has been designed for racing functionality with ample berths, head and galley for offshore races. A simplified internal structure reduces weight and provides for an open arrangement optimized for moving sails and gear. Forward of the companionway is a full galley and head to starboard and an ample gear locker to port. The forepeak structure allows for an owners style forward V berth cabin that should allow for a real dual purpose IRC rating effect. The navigation area, engine, tanks, and batteries have all been positioned centrally for reduced pitching inertia and ease of use in real offshore sailing conditions. The 55hp engine drives a retractable fixed blade prop providing efficient propulsion and reliable backing, reduced weight and zero drag while sailing.

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